Patient Resources //

Bristol Children's Orthopaedic Group allow 40 minutes for a new patient consultation and 30 minutes for a follow-up appointment. A letter is written to your family doctor with a copy sent to you soon after the consultation.


X rays and scan charges will be additional to the consultation costs and are charged by the Spire hospital performing them. X rays will be reviewed with you and your Bristol Children's Orthopaedic surgeon on the day. Scans are usually organised within a few days of the consultation and are reported on by a specialist musculoskeletal radiologist. Sometimes this will take another few days as a paediatric radiologist will do this.


Most paediatric and adolescent orthopaedic conditions are self limiting and families just need a little reassurance after proper evaluation and imaging. Often some physiotherapy or shoewear modification (orthotics) may be helpful. Should your son or daughter require an operation this can usually be offered in the private sector. The surgeon's fee will be based upon the WPA schedule of fees. 

Questions about your bill //

​​What billing or insurance information will I receive?

Our Practice Manager will send an invoice to you after the initial consultation.

How long will it take to get things settled with the insurance company?

Assuming your insurance company agreed to the consultation, settlement of the bill should be fairly prompt.

Why am I getting bills from surgeons?

​The contract for the consultation is between you and the Bristol Children's Orthopaedic surgeon so the bill is sent direct to you.


If you have insurance it is your responsibility to forward the bill to your insurer to organise payment according to your individual policy.  An excess may be payable but your insurer will confirm this. 


If you are self-funding, you can make payment by cheque or balance transfer - our Practice Manager can provide the relevant details.


Health plans //

Bristol Children's Orthopaedic Group surgeons are listed with all the major health insurers.